TMPLT -Kubta EP (Hex Wolves and Andre Kronert Remix) TMPLT002

TMPLT’s new EP, KUBTA, is the second official release on the self-made label. The title track features basslines and breakbeats that twist around like a dark alley in on a cold London night. There are subtle nods to UK Grime as well, with some of the lo-fi synthesizers that dot the track.

Hex Wolves remix of the title track brings a run down UK Garage take on it, with shifting vocal sounds and distraught tones that are anchored by a thick kick drum. Creeping bassline bobs through the track that balances the choppy beat.

Veteran remixer Andre Kronert brings a more dub techno influence for his take on KUBTA, with two separate remixes. The first remix eludes to a better life than society is living now with the possessed SIRI/Alexa voices repeating a message about social evolution. It has a crisp and clear backdrop of metal and ambient washes, building up and breaking down while the AI is on the electronic pulpit, spreading the word of the third-wave. 

Premiere: TMPLT Discusses the Launch of TMPLT Records and his Double Longplayer Album “The Verge”

The LP is a proper journey, really enjoyed navigating through it. How long did it take you to produce it and how was the selection process for which tracks to include and which, and here it’s me imagining there are some, to leave out?"

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Today, Lights Out brings you an exclusive premiere from Berlin-based artist TMPLT. Taken from his forthcoming LP 'The Verge' on his new label of the same name, 'Karta' is a left field-leaning club cut that sits somewhere in between techno, breaks, and garage. This sort of amalgamation of sound is the main theme of the album, something familiar yet fresh and cutting edge. The thumping kick drum and brooding bassline work flawlessly together to create a dense and pumping atmosphere. Karta will be available on June 30th.

TMPLT Shares Studio Gear Behind Label Debut TMPLT Records

"Somewhere between breaks and dub techno, this TMPLT record is a pulsing journey through the spectrum of rave. Stacked upon a solid foundation of industrial, it’s immediately clear that Knop was bred on dark dance floors with heavy sounds."

"Underground sounds paint the picture of a post-apocalyptic landscape, or maybe this is just the soundtrack from Blade. Vox when present are skewed robotic blends of future transmissions. Overall, Verge is quite the trippy affair."

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TMPLT - The Verge 2 x 12" 180gramm Vinyl will be released 30.06.2020

Mastered by Brian Sanhaji at Calyx Mastering on a 180grmm Vinyl.

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TMPLT - NOT_A_PODCAST - Tracks from Skee Mask, Stenny, Overmono, Phono and unreleased TMPLT Tracks .

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