Turn down the lights and immerse yourself in the dark side of dubstep where industrial sonorities meet bass music. Inspired by artists like Breaka, Cesco, and Hamd..., The Sample Pack was produced by TMPLT for the Thick Sounds Label.

The Pack is available at Loopmasters

Here is the Demo Track for the Pitch-Black Dubstep Sample Pack:



Including - Welcome feat. Robert Owens

"Embark on a sonic journey into the depths of the underground with the latest album of TMPLT"

Each track is a testament to the power of unconventional soundscapes, pushing the boundaries of traditional music genres. Dive into a world where gritty textures meet ethereal melodies, where every beat pulses with a primal energy. This album is not just listened to; it's felt, it's experienced. Join us as we explore the uncharted territories of sound, where every note tells a story of rebellion and innovation. The legend Robert Owens contributes with a Welcome Song on this 8 Track journey…


Jack Harlow - Lovin On Me (TMPLT Edit)



Discombobulate - To confuse or disconcert; to upset or frustrate.

The Verge II - The lost Ones (Tunes from 2008 -2019)

Rescued Echoes: Rediscovering Lost Gems

 Every now and then, fate takes a surprising turn, leading us to hidden treasures that were almost lost in the depths of time. [LOST TAPES], the latest release from TMPLT, is a collection of tracks that were miraculously recovered from the brink of oblivion. Each composition tells a unique story of resilience, as these forgotten gems find their way back into the world. Join us as we embark on a musical journey filled with nostalgia, curiosity, and the joy of rediscovery.

With its distinctive breakbeat sound, this album takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey through the depths of the human psyche. Prepare to surrender yourself to the haunting melodies and rhythmic intensity that await.


Berlin-based producer TMPLT unleashes Next Round, a six track journey into industrial beats and breaks. With a heavy emphasis on sound design and synthesis, Next Round pushes the boundaries of commercial break beats into a space that few producers are willing to traverse these days. Next Round harkens back to the days of Aphex Twin and Goldie from the late 90’s electronica era and we are excited to unleash this collection of tracks to all breakbeat and jungle enthusiasts worldwide.

TMPLT feat. Robert Owens - Wishing Well (Plump DJs // Jem Stone Remixes) 

TMPLT - Robert Owens -Pump DJs


The A1 track means a lot to me because two years ago my parents passed away within two weeks of each other due to cancer. It happened quickly between mid-August and the end of August. This was the saddest time in my life. I was struggling with myself, with the world, with everything. After a few months, I decided to translate my emotions into a song. I wrote this song for them but I was never able to finish it. It felt like I had >overproduced< it and was missing that special something. My good friend told me, >Michael, don't think about the project for a period of time. Sometimes, something will happen when you don't expect it to.< After nine months it was Christmas and we did a let's say a >corona confirm< dinner party. My good friend Basch invited Robert (Owens). Since Bash`s mother and Robert are from the same town and maybe the same street in Detroit, they`ve been connected to each other for the past 30 years! Robert came to the dinner party and it was synergy. I told him the story and about the missing elements for the song. He listened to it after dinner and said, >okay where is your studio?< After the Xmas dinner party, we went to my studio where we recorded the vocals. Robert did it on the fly and all friends in the studio cried tears as if there was some kind of magic in the air. Since then, we are working together on something special. It s blossomed into a friendship we both enjoy. The journey ends in London with my all-time favorite Label Fingerlickin Records. I requested a Remix from the Plump DJs and Jem Stone. Both agreed and the results are making this record unique. The Plump DJs Remix is a Uk Breakbeat-Chord-Style groove monster. Jem Stone's version is an emotional journey that cannot be explained in words… Blackbox is a project from TMPLT, Robert Owens, and Sebastian Sauve. What is in the Blackbox? There is no answer yet, but stay tuned. Sometimes you will find it out...

Berlin-based Artist TMPLT starts his own Label [TMPLT Records] with a double Longplayer-Album named "The Verge".

Inspired by the sound of e.g Commodo, Mala and Finger Lickin` Records, TMPLT creates 12 unique tracks with dark and massive bassline -impacts. "The Verge" is a musical journey
through various genres such as drum 'n' bass, breakbeat, dub techno away from the typical 4-to-the-floor rhythm.

Ising his broad musical spectrum in every Song to present different Styles and Moods across musical borders.
For example, the Track "Karta" is absolutely dance-floor orientated and can be played in any club between 4-to-the-floor Tracks.

Other Tracks like "Pureight" are perfect to hang out and chill before going to a Rave... The impact of his typical deep & massive bass sound feels warm and is made with Analog-Machines like Roland's SH101, Jomox99, and others.

WHO IS TMPLT? Does that really matter? NO, it doesn't. Music is the Key, so explore the TMPLT-Sound and get your own

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TMPLT -Kubta EP (Hex Wolves and Andre Kronert Remix) TMPLT002

TMPLT’s new EP, KUBTA, is the second official release on the self-made label. The title track features basslines and breakbeats that twist around like a dark alley in on a cold London night. There are subtle nods to UK Grime as well, with some of the lo-fi synthesizers that dot the track.

Hex Wolves remix of the title track brings a run down UK Garage take on it, with shifting vocal sounds and distraught tones that are anchored by a thick kick drum. Creeping bassline bobs through the track that balances the choppy beat.

Veteran remixer Andre Kronert brings a more dub techno influence for his take on KUBTA, with two separate remixes. The first remix eludes to a better life than society is living now with the possessed SIRI/Alexa voices repeating a message about social evolution. It has a crisp and clear backdrop of metal and ambient washes, building up and breaking down while the AI is on the electronic pulpit, spreading the word of the third-wave. 

TheLetter.com Review of "The Verge" by TMPLT


Fresh new Bass sounds on a fresh new label

If Chris Liebing, Paul Ritch and Distale arranged a Zoom chat, what topic would they discuss? In the absence of their live DJ events, mid-pandemic, I imagine the conversation would centre on career paths—as big-room Techno boys, they've played to large crowds and knocked out more than a few floor decimators between them. Principally though, they've all taken unexpected turns in their musical output in recent years, each spreading their creative wings to reveal a form of composition less blootering and more considered.

Having not released anything for eight years Liebing's 2018 effort Burn Slow was perhaps the biggest switch, surprising us all with those moody collaborations and dark vibes. Paul Ritch reinvented himself as Kaczmarek in 2017 and has since released two Jungle-tinged, Ambient-bothering albums. Michael Knop, aka Distale, may still be releasing new music under that name now (check out the recent Disdancing EP) but in 2019 he made the personal decision to focus less on four-to-the-floor and expand his horizons with a new sound, name and label: TMPLT. And like his Zoom chum's efforts, it's a brand of electronic music better suited to headphones rather than dancefloors.

As TMPLT Knop makes dense, agile music, inspired by the bass-heavy work of The Prodigy, Martyn, and Finger Lickin’ artists like Plump DJs. With elements of Drum 'n' Bass and Breakbeat rubbing shoulders with processed Dub the result is definitely not Techno; you could still hear it in clubs but if you added some rousing Keith Flint vocals to any of the twelve tracks on The Verge, you could just as easily hear it backed by a screaming stadium crowd. As instrumentals, though the listening experience is incisive; lean tracks with no wastage, composed of fluid rhythms, shifting shape round effective basslines; basically it's tight, groovy Techno. MARCH55 is a good example of Knop building a track around a wormy bassline, fleshed-out with drums and percussion. On 4FLOR humility shines through as a descending bass straddles a drum pattern that doesn't quite understand Techno. Elsewhere, treated horns embellish the choking Dubstep vibe on EMPTYMESS, while the vocal snippets that surface on some tracks make me think of Anthony Rother or Delta Funktionen.

With Techno's cold exterior, the music threatens to burst out in a radio-friendly despatch but retains a balance that teeters tantalisingly from start to finish. The intro and outro tracks, helpfully titled In and Out, provide comfortable boarding and disembarking points but Knop largely avoids cliches in the sequencing of the tracks, with a considered, undulating pace throughout. The space between recent Distale tracks like Hooka or Elec Dance isn't massive—the obvious difference being the rhythms he's chosen to work with. So like Liebing and Ritch, he's taken a leap of faith and so far it's working: the new name is snappy and memorable, the clean-cut Distale press photos have been replaced with moody, monochrome snapshots but most importantly, the music is good... very good.

If you only listen to one track


Premiere: TMPLT Discusses the Launch of TMPLT Records and his Double Longplayer Album “The Verge”

"The LP is a proper journey, really enjoyed navigating through it. How long did it take you to produce it and how was the selection process for which tracks to include and which, and here it’s me imagining there are some, to leave out?"

Full Interview link:


TMPLT - The Verge 2 x 12" 180gramm Special Edition

Mastered by Brian Sanhaji at Calyx Mastering on a 180grmm Vinyl.

Available here:






Today, Lights Out brings you an exclusive premiere from Berlin-based artist TMPLT. Taken from his forthcoming LP 'The Verge' on his new label of the same name, 'Karta' is a left field-leaning club cut that sits somewhere in between techno, breaks, and garage. This sort of amalgamation of sound is the main theme of the album, something familiar yet fresh and cutting edge. The thumping kick drum and brooding bassline work flawlessly together to create a dense and pumping atmosphere. Karta will be available on June 30th.


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New Press Pics 2020

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TMPLT Shares Studio Gear Behind Label Debut TMPLT Records

"Somewhere between breaks and dub techno, this TMPLT record is a pulsing journey through the spectrum of rave. Stacked upon a solid foundation of industrial, it’s immediately clear that Knop was bred on dark dance floors with heavy sounds."

"Underground sounds paint the picture of a post-apocalyptic landscape, or maybe this is just the soundtrack from Blade. Vox when present are skewed robotic blends of future transmissions. Overall, Verge is quite the trippy affair."

Here is the full report:


TMPLT - NOT_A_PODCAST - Tracks from Skee Mask, Stenny, Overmono, Phono and unreleased TMPLT Tracks .